My name is Mitchell Hill, I’m 22 years old and thanks to Infinity I have recently purchased my first of what I hope to be many Investment Properties. Growing up and going through school, all I had ever been taught was; knuckle down, study, work hard. With the hopes of buying a house and maybe a long way down the track, hope to be lucky enough to afford an Investment Property. So I studied, moved out of home at 18 and worked hard to pay my way through University. There I studied a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Diagnostic Radiography) under the impression it would lead to a well paying, secure job. I finished my degree with exceptional marks and was rewarded with the prospect of either moving back home or doing further study in a different area, due to the fact that there was a vast over supply of radiographers. Further budget cuts to the health sector meant that there were little to no jobs available all over Australia. I chose to move back home and re-evaluate where I was and what I wanted in life. I was living off centrelink, back with my parents after being independent for the past 4 years. I have now developed such a passion for wealth creation and financial security, I asked Infinity to take me on as an employee and I am now well into my studies of Diploma of financial services (Mortgage Broking) as well as a Diploma in Financial planning. The most important fact I have learnt from Infinity is planning for retirement, does not start when your 55, it starts when your career starts, If you want to be truly secure financially. My journey has only just started but I am confident that with the ongoing advice from Infinity and my further studies that at such a young age that my long journey is going to be made all that more rewarding at an earlier age so I can “Work Smarter Not Harder”. You are never too young and you are never too old, if you want some security for your family or even just some basic structure assistance, don’t ignore your financial issues call Infinity today.

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