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Douglas & Letetia

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Graeme, Rebecca and the team at Infinity, are incredibly motivated in helping us to use different investment and tax reduction strategies to achieve the financial freedom we want in our retirement. It is particularly pleasing to look at your monthly home loan or investment loan statement and see it falling at a rate, that you would never think is possible.
We have been involved with other investment companies in the past, with varying degrees of success and have found they seem to only contact you when they want you to spend more money with them. We found the biggest difference between the previous investment company and Infinity Group is the support and ongoing service Infinity supplies to help us achieve our financial goals. This is thanks to regular contact and updates on our progress.

If you think the main stream banks have your best interests at heart or can provide you the best deal, I am sorry to tell you that you are mistaken.

Take 30 minutes out of your busy week to see the team Infinity and it WILL change your financial future. Everything that Graeme & Rebecca have said would happen has come to fruition and as a result, we would like to highly recommend Infinity Group Australia.

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