Finalist for Optus My Business Award and Vow Financial Altitude Award 2017

21.9.17 admin

Infinity Group Australia has been shortlisted for the prestigious Optus My Business Awards 2017. A local financial consultant covering Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne is in the running to take out one of Australia’s longest-standing business awards program. Graeme Holm/Rebecca Walker from Infinity Group Australia have been shortlisted as a finalist to win an award in […]

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Out of sight but not out of reach

1.6.17 admin

Housing affordability is a major problem for many consumers and one that is also affecting the mortgage broking industry. So what action is being taken to address it and how can brokers help clients who are affected? Click Here to view full article.

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What is Financial Literacy?

23.5.17 admin

Because Financial literacy is still an evolving concept, the definition is quite fluid. The most recent National Financial Literacy Strategy report defines financial literacy as: “A combination of financial knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions, based on personal circumstances, to improve financial wellbeing.” Click Here to view full article.

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Can you manage a mortgage.. AND a baby?

15.5.17 admin

As new parents we are often caught off guard when our organised life becomes a thing of the past after we bring home our bundle of joy. It’s amazing how tiny babies can turn our household upside down. We quickly learn to be more flexible about when we eat, sleep, go to the shops and […]

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Crushing Credit Card Debt!

15.5.17 admin

Choosing the option that works for YOU! In Australia, over 70% of adults have at least one credit card. With nearly 17 million credit cards in circulation chances are some of us have to face reality – in black and white on our credit card statement. Click Here to view full article.

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Should I refinance my home loan regulary?

15.5.17 admin

It’s interesting that when our home or car insurance is due for renewal most of us invest time to shop around and check we’re still on a good deal. Yet we hesitate when it comes to reviewing our home loan! With the RBA cash rate at all all-time low and lenders continually offering new rates […]

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